About DUSPConnect

Learn more about DUSPConnect and the team behind it.

Our Mission: We are here to serve and connect the greater DUSP Community.


DUSPConnect is the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning's career and alumni relation office. We provide professional development services to help students and alumni reach their full potential and have evolving, impactful careers throughout the field of planning.

DUSP Connect provides students with a high-level of support, tools, resources, and opportunities for professional development while at DUSP and throughout their career. We encourage students to think strategically about their time at DUSP regarding their coursework, co-curricular and work experiences.

We believe that strong relationships with alumni are critical to our work, serving as a connective tissue between DUSP and the greater world. We foster relationships not only between the department and alumni, but also between current students and alumni, as well as among alumni, for their mutual professional benefit.


Meet the Team


Mary Jane Daly, DUSP Professional Development Director, Lecturer

Mary Jane Daly sits at the helm of the DUSPConnect team. As a Lecturer and DUSP’s Professional Development Director, she provides professional development guidance to students and graduates, and leads the department’s alumni and employer relations. Mary Jane lives with one foot in academia and one foot in practice, her expertise in the planning profession stems from a successful planning career of her own. A DUSP alum and accomplished urban planner, she brings significant experience managing complex urban planning projects and expertise in community engagement. In the Massachusetts area, her past planning projects include the Prudential Center Redevelopment Master Plan, the New Charles River Basin Master Plan, and the Salem Harbor Master Plan. Students can sign up for individual advising meetings with Mary Jane through her office hours sign-up.

Email: daly@mit.edu
Phone: 617.253.0525
Make an appointment for office hours by visiting: dusp.mit.edu/officehours


Sue Delaney, Senior Administrative Assistant

Sue arrived at DUSP with a background in early English literature and a desire to use communications to create positive societal change. She enjoys helping students make connections, both with DUSP alumni and also with the local community through Planning in Practice internships. Sue admires all students who come to DUSP, for their dedication, energy, and inventiveness.

Email: sld@mit.edu
Phone: 617.253.0779

  • DUSPConnect provides the tools, resources, and individualized support to guide students in making the most out of their MIT experience and preparing for a successful career.

  • We provide resources for students and alumni to explore their career options, develop skills, and advance professionally.

  • The DUSP community is far more than a professional network, and DUSPConnect serves as a focal point connecting students and alumni to each other for advice and support.

  • DUSPConnect hosts events to bring together students, alumni, and distinguished guests.